Rent Redux LLC
Seriously... What's the deal?
You're in for a treat.

We bought the RED Scarlet to provide awesome capabilities for our sister production company, Always Delightful Films. RED Cinema isn’t giving the Scarlet away, and because ours isn’t always in use, we decided to rent it out to those interested in a stunning, film-quality production. It’s beautiful!

We want to create a community around the best equipment available. With Rent Redux’s future and continued success, we plan to improve the quality of our equipment catalog, e.g., additional lens packages, additional and upgraded cameras.

Does your project need full production services? We do that too. Our sister company, Always Delightful, can do anything from scriptwriting, shooting, editing, grading, music composition, consulting to offering camera operators.

We aren’t looking to get rich, Rosebud, but we want to provide the best equipment that we can too. We love most excellent videos, and that means owning and offering the best possible production equipment. Together we can accomplish our goals, and yours. See something you like?  Contact us. We're here to help.

The Team @
Rent Redux LLC